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The USCCB (United States Council of Catholic Bishops) said that, besides our clergy, laymen must be leaders in the Church and in society. We need more effective Catholics willing to stir up their baptismal anointing and leadership potential.

Leadership is positive and creative influence on and in the service of others, which focuses on developing their God-given potential and gifts for the common good. The main focus of leadership is others, not the leader. Leaders are made with practice, discipline, love, and patience.

Seven Practices of Effective Catholic Leaders

1. An effective leader has a disciplined prayer life
2. The effective leader has a clear mission as a Christian
3. The effective leader sees himself as God sees him
4. The effective leader loves to empower others
5. The effective leader evangelizes without fear and promotes Catholic culture with integrity
6. The effective leader knows that a mature faith is lively, explicit, and bears fruit
7. The effective leader has a special relationship with the Mother of Our Lord

Every Catholic has the potential to be a leader or to become a better one. Your Christian duty is to serve others so that you can totally permeate and transform the world!

This page information was taken from the Parishes On The Prairie Website

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